Robin Schimko

Robin Schimko aka. “the real sir robin”​ will come to Zurich for a workshop about street photography 

The workshop will be last two days of shooting and reviewing. The program is as follows:

First, we will have a look at your portfolio to get an idea what level you are currently at and together we will determine which areas you can approve on. To address these sticking points I will give you specific assignments that
you can work on during the workshop.

We will talk about gear and I will give you practical tips for settings you can use to get the best results possible and to always be ready. This also includes how to achieve spot on focus as quick as possible which is something a lot of street photographers struggle with.
Besides technical tips, I will teach you how to approach strangers in the streets and how to get close to people without being held back by your own „approach anxiety“.

Workshop Schedule:
• Saturday: We are meeting up at 10am and and I can look at your portfolio to get a better understanding what you can work on to improve your skills. After that we are going to have a first shooting session and after a lunch break we will continue shooting until dinner.

• Sunday: We will meet up in the morning and while having breakfast you will have my feedback on your work from the day before. Later after lunch, we are going to head out again to shoot some more. Officially the workshop will end at 6 pm but if you are up for it we can have dinner together and talk more. This is a possible schedule and we are flexible to change it up if necessary to adopt to the weather or whatever comes up.

Cost is 450 CHF for both days. There is only space for 6 participants

What is included:
• Me as an instructor with many years of experience who traveled the world and shot in many different locations and environments.
• Guided photo walks and the possibility for 1on1 sessions for the best learning experience during the duration of the workshop
• Advice at any time of the workshop
• A great, fun time to learn new skills and find new inspiration
• Meeting people who share the same interests

What isn’t included:
• Travel costs to get you to the workshop and during the workshop itself. If you are flying in, I would recommend booking a ticket that is refundable in case the workshop gets canceled or you have to cancel.
• Accommodation
• Meals during the duration of the workshop
• Insurance for your gear
• You have to bring your own camera

Registration via Visiting artist workshop: Streetphotography with Robin Schimko, Sat, Jun 17, 2023, 10:00 AM | Meetup

Date(s) - Saturday, 17/06/2023
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
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